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Masaż na zespół chronicznego zmęczenia?
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Wysłany: 2011-11-15, 01:27   Masaż na zespół chronicznego zmęczenia?

technika dr Perrina, angielskiego osteopaty, jest jedna z niewielu metod, ktore dzialaja na ME. Technika ta nie zostala jeszcze potwierdzona w badaniach naukowych, a opiera sie na zalozeniu, ze przyczyna ME jest zatrucie organizmu i niewydolnosc ukladu limfatycznego.

efekty sa zauwazalne dopiero po dosc dlugim czasie, nawet do 2 lat (seria 12 cotygodniowych zabiegow, nastepnie 12 zabiegow co dwa tygodnie), ale jest stopniowa poprawa.

w linku o dolu artykulu jest wiecej o tej technice.

ponizej link i tekst artykulu z angielskiej gazety.


At 16, I had everything to look forward to. I had expected to get three As at A-level and go on to read history and then law at Oxford University. Then, inexplicably, I was struck down by an ‘invisible’ illness that left me little better than a zombie.

My muscles couldn’t keep me upright for long, my memory didn’t work, my body couldn’t heal itself, my limbs felt leaden and sore, and my brain kept blanking out.

During the short periods when my brain did switch on, I was confused and scared because I was aware that only a few months previously I had been out celebrating great GCSE results with friends. And I did not know what had happened to me.

My doctor, who eventually diagnosed me with ME (chronic fatigue syndrome) didn’t seem to offer any help and I was considered to be a hypochondriac and undeserving of sympathy, support or care.

In the early Nineties, when I became ill, ME was known as Yuppie Flu and seen as being all in the head. That’s a harsh way to treat a previously confident child.

I am lucky my mother was able to spend all her time helping me get up, day after day, month after month, or I would have been bed bound. I shudder to think where I would now be.

I did eventually go to university, and gained a first-class degree and then an MA with distinction and now I work as a writer.

But each success was tempered by the fact that every time I pushed my brain or body hard enough to achieve something, my ME would make me crash again, with each crash taking longer to crawl back from.

I’m now 33, having struggled through life with the illness, and often it seems as if public and medical perceptions have not moved on. Over the years I have searched for treatments until, in 2009, I discovered one that has transformed my life – a type of osteopathy called the Perrin Technique.

The Perrin Technique involves a series of stiff massages and can take more than two years to take effect. I was treated once a week for the first 12 weeks, followed by every two weeks for 12 weeks and so on.

It suggests a plausible cause for ME: that a virus causes a fault in the lymphatic system, the network of glands and vessels that should remove waste toxins produced by every tissue in the body.

The feeling of ME is similar to the pain you get after a long, hard walk. The lactic acid makes your muscles hurt and shake, and your body is at the point of collapse. Add to this the sensation of a severe hangover. Being poisoned by a long-term build up of toxins seems a very likely explanation.

The Perrin Technique involves a series of stiff massages and can take more than two years to take effect.

I was treated once a week for the first 12 weeks, followed by every two weeks for 12 weeks and so on.

The therapist kneads the areas where the lymph nodes are – around the back, under the arms and in the chest. It was agonising to begin with although my husband, who attended my first session, said the therapist had been only lightly touching me.

The process causes lymphatic build-up to be drawn out of the muscles and into the defective drainage system where the pressure forces the waste to be discharged.

Gradually, treatments become more spaced out as the practitioner tries to get the system working on its own again. I am used to it now and during my monthly sessions I’m able to withstand quite vigorous massage.

I was eight months into my treatment before I started to feel better. Since month 15 the gap between my sessions is now two months, and the improvements are more constant.

Most of the time my muscles and joints are pain-free, my concentration is not bad, and I have so much more energy. Recently I have even felt well enough to stay with friends for whole weekends.

The technique is not medically proven, but I know that if my symptoms start to return, a single session gets rid of them.

This is not a short or an easy treatment and it’s not a cure. However, after just the first year, I looked back and realised it had transformed my life.

I wish one of the many GPs I begged for help had bothered to do research and told me about it. They could have saved me from a living hell.
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