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Massage, Counselling, Reiki & Healing Finchley North Lon
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kurs masaz tajski

Pomógł: 15 razy
Dołączył: 05 Lut 2008
Posty: 7236
Skąd: bangkok warszawa
Wysłany: 2008-03-28, 19:46   Massage, Counselling, Reiki & Healing Finchley North Lon

Massage, Counselling, Reiki & Healing In Finchley North London

Bodywork and Healing to support transformation of your body and life, so you may live expressing your true self, free from limitations


Hello. My name is Jag Reeves.

My work is to guide and support people towards living a joyful, expanded and fulfilling life. I have worked in the field of complementary therapy and spiritual development for 10 years now. To be of service to others, in helping to empower them to discover and live their own truth, is work truly fulfilling to me.

My work has two general aspects, though the two merge together fluidly. The first aspect is my hands on massage, bodywork and healing. This includes Deep Tissue Massage and Sports Massage, two western styles of massage that are very popular and effective in reducing muscle tension and pain, rehabilitating injuries and improving overall posture and bodily functioning. I also practice the eastern techniques of Shiatsu, Thai Yoga Massage and Tui Na Chinese Massage which are acupressure based bodywork designed to balance the energies in the body, mind and emotions. I have found these techniques to work very deeply and powerfully. As well as reducing muscular tension, pain and stiffness, they are effective in treating many other conditions such as digestive or breathing problems, anxiety, depression and general stress. I also practice foot Reflexology which is a deeply relaxing treatment that is wonderfully therapeutic for the whole body. It is helpful in the treatment of most conditions. Every session and client is unique therefore I am intuitive and adaptable in my approach and in practice I will combine all the techniques I have learnt for the best possible outcome.

Then there is the more energetic healing work I offer, such as Reiki Healing and Shamanic Healing. Here the focus changes to bringing balance to the energetic structures of a person, such as the Chakras and Aura and this usually entails work with the emotional and mental aspects of a person. This work is very effective in harmonising a person's mind and emotions and can help in recovery from grief, depression, trauma and stress of all natures.

This is where the two threads of my work merge together for there has to be engagement and a desire to see the truth, on the client's part, that may set them free and allow healing to occur. First and foremost, I am an educator, guide, counsellor, and facilitator of change, so will encourage you to engage fully during a session so you may receive the greatest possible benefit to your personal growth and well-being.

I offer Spiritual Counselling, a more intuitive and fluid form of counselling and providing guidance and support in whatever change and difficulty you are experiencing in your life. Along with this I also offer Life Coaching. This involves working together for a period of time to focus your energies towards success in whatever it is your heart desires. This often means overcoming some of our limitations and challenges in life. The most powerful tool for change and healing I can offer is The Emerald Heart. This works to dissolve the fears that underpin all of our inner limitations so we are then free to take the next steps forward in our lives. It works to unlock our potential - step by step we become more of who we truly are.

To enhance my spiritual work in helping others to discover themselves, I offer Soul Plan Readings, a system similar to numerology or astrology that brings to light our challenges, talents and goals in this life, and how we can best focus our energies for success. I may also use Tarot Card Readings during a session of Spiritual Counselling or as a session in their own right. Rather than making predictions the Tarot helps us to know ourselves more deeply and to offer guidance when we are at any form of crossroads, revealing the truth so we can make a decision based in wisdom and insight.

Alongside my one-to-one work I host spiritual groups with varying themes - these take my work and the potential for personal growth into a whole new realm, as showing our selves in a group setting can often be more challenging, but also more rewarding.

You can find plenty of information on http://www.jag-reeves.com
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