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IV światowy festiwal masażu bezpłatnie w USA
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leki przeciw pasozytom grzybom sprzedam apteka

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Wysłany: 2010-06-21, 10:08   IV światowy festiwal masażu bezpłatnie w USA

na tegoroczny festiwal masazu przybylo 800 uczestnikow (w ubieglym roku bylo ich 600). Wprawdzie nazywa sie on "swiatowy", ale do tej pory odbywal sie tylko w roznych miastach w usa i nazwa moze sie odnosic do roznych technik masazu z calego swiata, ktore sa prezentowane.

Profesjonalisci i amatorzy masazu moga poznawac podstawy ponad 100 roznych technik masazu, z zamierzeniem przyciagniecia ich na platne kursy szkoleniowe. Akcentem bylo poprawne wykonanie tych technik, zeby jak najlepiej pomoc klientowi i zeby samemu nie przemeczac sie i nie doznac urazu.


Are you a fan of massages?

Well, the city of Berea just wrapped up the 2010 World Massage Festival.

This is the fourth year for the event.... which teaches you everything you ever wanted to know about...massages.

"Alot of people when they do massage, they think it's all about the hands, and they say well, my husband will massage me, but he can only do it only a few times and then he gets tired, well that's because he's not doing it properly. If he's trained, he'd have no problem and could give the lady a good massage...so women, send your husband to school so he can massage you," explained festival founder, Mike Hinkle

And that's exactly what hundreds of people from all over the U.S. did.
Taking part in the free, four-day, World Massage Festival

"There are one hundred eighteen modalities that they've defined, but there are hundreds of variations and combinations, so there are so many ways people can get into massages and so many aspects they can do," added Hinkle

Dozens of vendors set up booths where people had the oppurtunity to learn as much as they could about giving the perfect massage.

"I took a self-care course to learn how to do a massage without hurting myself, how to incorporate spa techniques into my business and today learning about how to care for whiplash and neck pain," explained Janet Drayer

Also during the festival, "natural healing" techniques were shown...and that even included underwater training.

600 people attended last year's festival in Dallas, Texas.

Organizers are expecting about 800 people for this year's event.
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leki przeciw pasozytom grzybom sprzedam apteka

Pomógł: 15 razy
Dołączył: 05 Lut 2008
Posty: 7181
Skąd: bangkok warszawa
Wysłany: 2010-06-22, 10:03   

a juz dzis relacja na blogu http://www.massagetoday.c...ful-experience/

I just got home from Kentucky after spending four days in Berea at the World Massage Festival. What a wonderful experience.

The World Massage Festival is a different kind of experience than most massage conventions, and deliberately so. Mike Hinkle, the founder, started the WMF five years ago as an alternative to association conventions. There are no politics, no committees, no delegates, no meetings, unless they’re of the educational or social kind. Each year for the past five years, Mike has put the WMF on at a college campus. Lodging was available in the dorms for $20 a night. A meal package for a dozen meals in the college cafeteria went for $112. They catered to vegetarians, vegans, and the rest of us. For anyone who didn’t want the college-type communal experience, there were plenty of reasonable hotels and local restaurants available. The absolutely gorgeous historical Boone Tavern we stayed in was $99 per night.

In addition to over 50 classes being offered by cream of the crop instructors including Ralph Stephens, James Walaski, Vivian Madison Mahoney, Ruthie Hardee, Terry Norman, and dozens more, there was also plenty of entertainment that didn’t cost any extra. Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards President Kevin Snedden entertained everyone with a Poi fire demonstration. A comedian, a ventriloquist, and a folk musician also entertained. The closing ceremony was absolutely awesome. Medicine Women of their respective tribes Judy Ray and Janelle Lakman conducted a smudging and pipe ceremony for all who wished to participate. Ryan Hoyme, The Massage Nerd, videoed the Festival from start to finish, and made dozens of free commercials for anyone present who wanted one.

There was an induction ceremony Saturday night into the Hall of Fame for a dozen new members, followed by a great buffet provided by Massage Envy. Paul St. John gave the keynote speech. Paul decided he would seize the moment to go on a (long) political rant about health care in general and his opinions about the government, and some people didn’t appreciate it–but there were about as many who did. I respect his right to his opinions, but about halfway through his speech I was having the thought, “Dang, I thought this was supposed to be about massage.”

I met up with old friends and made new ones. I was particularly pleased to meet so many FB friends, including Mukti Michael Buck, Vivian Madison Mahoney, Darcy Neibaur, Lisa Mertz, and a whole lot more. The North Carolina posse turned out for the event, including me, Felicia Brown, Anita Shannon, Claire Marie Miller, Dr. Mitchell Mosher, Gloria Coppola, Joe Martin, and Rick Rosen, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Champ and I worked in the Sanctuary Friday morning doing foot massages. Friday night, we went out to dinner with Lippincott’s new acquisitions editor, Kelley Squazzo and sales rep Allison Swain. I taught three classes to a great group of people on Saturday and Sunday. There were lots of great vendors. Saturday night, instead of a dinner dance, there was a sock hop with a DJ spinning tunes. Massage Today threw a great party after-hours that involved a few libations and a crowd of happy people. I stayed until after midnight and I heard it didn’t break up until after 3 am.

Next year, this fabulous gathering is going to be held at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, in the middle of the beautiful Nantahala National Forest. The dorm rooms at WCU are new and modern. The cafeteria stays open 13 hours a day. Expanded vendor hours are going to happen. Fabulous teachers, great entertainment, and great education will happen once again.

When you consider that all of this was pulled off at the ridiculous price of less than 500. per student including meals and lodging, this was indeed an amazing event. I had a great time from start to finish, and I can’t wait until next year. I hope to see you there!
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