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Artykuły o zdrowiu. Porady zdrowotne - Pacjenci sanatoryjni w Czechach wyrzucani za brak wiz

massagewarsaw - 2014-02-28, 21:14
Temat postu: Pacjenci sanatoryjni w Czechach wyrzucani za brak wiz
dlaczego bogaci klienci spa nie przyjezdzaja do Polski? Z Czech sa wyrzucani tysiacami za brak dlugoterminowej wizy na leczenie sanatoryjne.

Czech Republic expels rich spa clients over expired visas

Prague, Feb. 27 (ČTK) — The Czech Republic has expelled hundreds of well-off foreign clients of spas, because their visas had expired before the end of the treatment, the daily Mladá fronta Dnes (MfD) writes today.

It adds that in the Ústí region, north Bohemia, alone, 443 spa patients were expelled last year.

The standard 90-day tourist visa often does not suffice for the whole length of the treatment of some serious health troubles, MfD writes.

It adds that these clients are often rich people from far-away countries who pay a lot for the treatment in Czech spas, including individuals from India, Kuwait, Libya, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka, according to regional foreign police chief Pavel Česka.
Though most of them do not pose a risk for the Czech Republic, the police must act in compliance with the law, he added.

"They want to undergo spa treatment, and at the same time they bring quite a lot of money to the state. However, everyone must respect the country's visa duty," Česka told the paper.

The daily cites the example of a 25-year-old man from Libya, partially paralyzed after a car accident, who was treated in the spa in Dubi, north Bohemia. The police had ordered him to leave the country due to his expired visa before he could complete the rehabilitation.
If he had been allowed to continue the treatment, his condition could have improved, spa director Lucie Jelínková said.

The spa's foreign clients are often considering whether they should interrupt the therapy, leave for home to renew their visas and return to the spa later but they often fear they would not obtain them, Jelínková explained.

However, Czech police approach the cases of expired visas individually, MfD notes.
Police say a surprisingly high number of foreigners stayed illegally in the Czech Republic last year, not only spa patients but also their relatives who accompany them, and their servants.

The Czech government is dealing with this "systemic" problem. The interior and health ministries are trying to find a way of speeding up the issuance of long-term visas for foreign spa clients, MfD writes.

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