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Hyde Park forum ogólne - Zakonnice masują w klasztornym spa

massagewarsaw - 2010-05-26, 10:14
Temat postu: Zakonnice masują w klasztornym spa
od 40 lat istnieje w austrii jedno z lepszych spa (ma 5 gwiazdek i 6 miejsce w lidze krajowej), prowadzone przez zakonnice w klasztorze.

oprocz masazu, oferuja one klasy fitnessu, hydroterapie, oddychanie chi kung, cwiczenia jogi i tai chi, medytacje tybetanska i zen, zabiegi kosmetyczne.

Austrian Nuns Run Massage Service

It may not be holy water in the five-star spa offering mineral water treatments by nuns in a converted convent in Austria, but their healing hands are doing wonders for the body and the soul.

According to the Romanian Times newspaper , the Sisters of the Cistercian Order charge $144 per night to stay at the spa. The nuns offer massages, fitness classes and ice-cold, high-pressure jets of mineral water treatments to stimulate the skin.

They even provide expert chi kung Chinese breathing exercises for their spa guests as part of the fitness program.

The Guardian reported that the Marienkron Abbey & Hotel in Monchhof, located in eastern Austria, has been a heavenly getaway for spa-goers for the last 40 years.

The 19 nuns who run the resort's services were described as "massages by contemplative nun," on .

The home of the contemplative daughters of Saints Robert, Alberic, Stephen and Bernard has been transformed into a center for fitness, beauty, Yoga and Tibet meditation.

The health resort is "in tune with the adaptation to the world preached by Vatican II," says the site. In fact, it ranks sixth on the Austrian sauna center list; so modern it even offers Zen meditation.

The Guardian also reports that things never get boring at the spa, where guests can take part in many activities, including hiking, cycling, gymnastics and tai chi surrounded by nature.

But the nuns have stuck to some traditions, carrying out all spa services wearing traditional attire with their white and black dress.

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